Begin the Alchemy

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45 Minute Coaching Call

Let's dive in 1:1 to support you in all things Business and Life. Whether you require strategy, mindset, mindfulness, spiritual or cycle guidance. I'm here for you. Held via Zoom or Facebook Messenger.

Archetype Reading

​My Archetype Readings cover my three favourite systems:


Human Design which provides a profiling blueprint of how you connect with others and yourself, how you'e different, how you create and impact and, shadow patterns. It combines astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakras and Quantum theory.

Astrology which looks at the influence cosmic objects have on our human lives, in particular the Star, Moon and Rising Zodiac signs at our date, time and place of birth. This provides insight into character, emotions and preferences.

And, the four Feminine Archetypes which women cycle through during their lives and the power we can draw from each key phase.

Bookings are limited so jump in now to receive:

  • A written report on your Human Design, Astrology signs and the four Feminine Cycle Archetypes.

  • 1 x 90 minute zoom session (with a recording to keep) diving into your Human Design Aura, Inner Authority, Profile, Conscious and Unconscious channels and connected Astrology Star, Moon and Rising.

  • 1 x 20 minute zoom Integration session

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Private Coaching Package

  • 2 x 1:1 60+ minute Coaching Call

  • Weekday voice message support

  • Business Strategy workbooks and trainings as required



  • Individualised Menstrual/Female Cycle support

  • Tailored rituals and mindset modalities,

  • Journaling prompts and affirmations

  • And more!

VIP option includes:

  • 90 minute Human Design consultation and in depth report

  • Astrology Birth Chart Guide and Report

  • Feminine Cycle Archetypes deep dive

Online Business Health Check

  • Complete review of your Online Business presence on Social Media and beyond

  • Comprehensive report of engagement/visibility amplification opportunities as well as ideal avenues for brand presence expansion

  • 1 x 60 minute zoom session (with a recording to keep) your review, report and, an aligned content creation and organic marketing strategy

  • 1 x bonus 20 minute zoom session to be booked within 4 weeks of first call for additional clarification or integration where required.



Jessa blew me away with the absolute GOLD that she provided! I took pages of notes and straight after the call, implemented some strategies that I know will take me next level and more than one dimensional! I got so many tips and tricks that I didn't even realise existed. If you want social media to be a part of your business growth and visibility then you need Jessa's brilliance as part of your strategy - AMAZING!!!

Rosemaree P.

Jessa is possibly one of the online worlds best kept secrets right now. If you want the support of someone who is completely up-to-date with current social media trends and who can give you expert advice on how to reach more people and have maximum impact with your business, then hire Jessa. She is one of the best investments I have made in my business to date.

Not only that, thanks to Jessa, I am no longer pulling my hair out around a technical issue that had been challenging me for a year. Her solving that issue was worth my investment alone!

Niamh M.

This Jessa Lewis knows her stuff!

I approached her about gaining momentum and reach on our business socials, and she was very professional and in depth with her suggestions.

She gave me a list of easy to follow steps to implement, taking away the overwhelm I was feeling towards it.

Thanks Jessa!

Deb F.

Jessa you are a star!

I loved every minute of our session. I took six pages of notes and then got your notes and nearly fell off my chair. SO MUCH GOLD. Of course I was like ‘can we do this every month please?’ For anyone who’s thinking about it, stop. Just do it. Plug into this amazing women and soak up her brilliance. I feel so much more confident in my strategy now. Legend. Legend. Legend.

Thank you.

Carlie M.