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An all encompassing high frequency oil blend for skin concerns, face and body moisturiser and, a powerful remedy for sebum (your body's natural oil) imbalances. This is the core item for morning and evening beauty routine, and for myself, the oil I credit for healing my face from psoriasis.


Infused with healing intentions under the moon, from my hands to yours, and contained within a 30ml amber glass dropper bottle for longevity.


Use: 3 drops on face each morning and night as well as when using any crystal rollers. Can also be used as a carrier oil when diluting other pure essential oils.


Ingredients: Ethically sourced amethyst crystals, Organic Jojoba oil and, premium grade Lavender and Frankincense essential oil.

$39.95 AUD including delivery for up to 500g within Australia

Royal Elixir

SKU: 364215376135192
  • Please note that there are no refunds for change of mind, so only buy products that you truly desire.

  • Shipping is *currently* only within Australia.

    Please email if you would like to request a custom overseas order.

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