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Your Purpose is Not About Approval

Lately, I have been feeling super charged and powerful as fuck. Like I have the energy of the moon, the backing of the stars and the wisdom of the universes held within me.⁠⠀

I am letting go of the need for approval from anyone but myself.⁠⠀

No more hiding, delaying or blocking.⁠

My mission is to serve heart centred women around the world and help them in their mindset, their menstruation, their mapping and their 'more'.

And that may get messy sometimes, it may not be everyone's cup of tea and my methods and modalities might rub people the wrong way. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I will be my eclectic, taboo, awkward, provocative, triggering, sensual, impact seeking, abundant self and, the author, artist and muse of my own fucking life.⁠⠀

Because this is my soul's life and no-one else's.

I am NOT here to get approval. I am not here to make those around me appeased at the cost of my purpose.⁠⠀

I am not here to fade into the background, be stagnant, be part of the herd, be blind and meekly obedient or sacrifice the deliciousness that life has to offer.⁠⠀

I am growing, I am evolving, I am enriching my life and I choose elevation.⁠⠀

The world is calling. And it's time to put a stake in the ground and be the non conforming, abrasive bitches that we may need to be.⁠⠀

We are not here to stand by subserviently. We are here to make a difference and if you don't like that? Good, fine and whatever. My mission does not start and end with 'making you smile'.⁠⠀

Who's with me?


Want to find out more about what I do as a Business, Life and Period Coach and, how we can work together to expand your energy, create more flow and unlock your optimal methods? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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