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Your Most Engaging Content

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Have a look over your posts from the last month - what got the biggest traction? The biggest amount of interest? The most comments?

Chances are it was something off the cuff, unstructured, unplanned and unrelated to your core offering.

For me, separate to livestream views, I'm pretty sure it was a post about carrots on my Facebook personal profile. I was amused by the fact that I had made $0.71 in Amazon affiliate fees at the time and said I was going to buy half a bag of carrots with it and share them with everyone - haha.

When you choose NOT to post the random wonderful entertaining, hair raising, shocking aspects of your life separate to your core offering, you are choosing not to connect with people in a million different ways beyond your core offering.

When you are not giving people the opportunity to be amused or amazed separate to the value that you can provide then you are missing out on the 2 biggest reasons that people engage on social media.

This shouldn't be WHY you post something but it's an important note: every time someone connects and engages with the rambling silly posts, the platform that you're on is more likely to show then them your next post (that might be all about the value).

This doesn't mean that you should have to feel like you need to post about every personal thing on LinkedIn but it could mean that you start to talk more frankly about your feelings and reactions to different aspects of your business there.

It doesn't mean that you have to be silly if you don't feel like it on Instastories but it could mean that somedays we see you talking about rainbows and unicorns and the next day you are reflecting on shadows and clouds.

It doesn't mean that you have to not have value based trainings on Facebook or that you have to have chaos rein but it does mean that you can feel into and talk and do whatever and whichever platform feels right for you.

So - stop filtering yourself so damn much.

Let it all out and just have fun.

Then turn around and optimise the shit out of it all haha!


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