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Your Inner Seasons

When I was younger, I used to start every Monday with renewed ambition to be completely rigid in whatever my daily goals were whether that be eating or not eating, working out or pursuing something. If I didn’t tick off the items on my list day in, day out without missing a step? That week would become a complete write off and once more I would see myself as failing, lazy, unable to stay on point. I asked myself - why is everyone else able to do the things and I just … can’t?

There was a LOT to unpack there obviously but one big part was that I wasn’t meant to be doing the same thing day in day out - that’s instead in adherence with the male 24 hour cycle. It’s little wonder that our modern school, business and fiscal system follow this, they were after all designed by men for men (at least initially).

The female cycle instead stretches across 28+ days and as our hormones and womb changes during the four distinct seasons or phases of this cycle, this in turn affects EVERYTHING.

So if you’re not living a copy and paste life day to day - that’s normal and not a reason to berate yourself. Instead, evaluate whether you’re working toward goals by reflecting on the entire 28+ days (and ideally not during the last phase of the cycle when your inner critic is amplified).

The female cycle begins on the first day of menstruation or the New Moon (if you're a non menstruating woman). Here are just the highlights to take note of

Days 1-5: Inner Winter is the time for insight and surrender as the womb lining is shed.

Days 6-11: Inner Spring a time for play and receptivity as our self criticism is low and energy and libido increase.

Days 12-18: Inner Summer is our peak energy, magnetism and when we can multi task most effectively.

Days 19-28: Inner Autumn and Pre-Winter is when intuition and ability to edit, subtract and draw boundaries is at an all time high.

If we look at how the different hormones rise and fall during the cycle and what is happening in our womb space, this supports the reasons for all this and more.

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