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Working With Zero Energy

Almost every other person I know has struggled with chronic illness, ongoing exhaustion, health and wellness drama or perpetual tiredness from being overworked, from the demands of parenting or just from the reality of modern life. At least at one point or another.

We went from one income households, with one person taking care of the kids/house to two income households where statistically, there has not generally been a reduction in household work/child care to compensate for this. Surprisingly there is a pay off for that becoming the standard. Burnout is now a recognised and documented condition - both personally for around 14% parents and professionally in the workforce in rising rates and, around 50% of Australians and Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease.

But we keep marching along to the same beat.

The world shouts 'No Pain, no gain!' and rewards those that overwork instead of working smarter and, introduces daily key performance indicators that don't recognise that under performing days can be offset by normal and over performing days. God forbid you get to the point where you feel like you're flat lining!

Throw 2020 and 2021 in the mix and it's no surprise so many of us feel like we're pulling blood from a stone just to function.

My health journey has been ongoing since I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto's Autoimmune Disorder over 5 years ago. Last year I found out that I also have Pyrolle Disorder, Epstein Barr Virus, Polycystic Ovaries, am severely lacking in most vitamins and minerals, have too much copper in my system, have allergens I wasn't aware of, have too much Estrogen and, had a parasite along for the ride.

I've ridded myself of that parasite at least and have been on various protocols for most of the remainder and it has changed the game. For at least the last 6 months, I've only had a few weeks outside of my Inner Winter (Menstruation) where I've found myself really struggling.

It really makes me mad though that I probably never would have gotten the answers I needed if I persisted with mainstream doctors and didn't go and see my Integrated Medical Doctor in the end ... this is why I believe Holistic Health is so important to anyone that feels less than 100% - physically, mentally or from a mindset perspective - it's often all linked.

Prior to my treatment and diagnoses, all my conditions had been wrecking havoc with my body and mind for years and resulted in miscarriages, brain fog, fatigue, brittle nails and hair, excessive menstrual bleeding, depression, anxiety, weight gain, bloating, migraines, joint and stomach pain and more.

But things definitely came to a head in 2021 where stress had meant constant daily flare ups not just the bi-monthly or quarterly flare ups that I had dealt with in the past.

Between parenting my two children, helping my son with his own physical and mental wellness battles, seeing my relationship go through the mixer, taking care of the house, trying to find a new home in a rental crisis and managing my business ... I had to reassess a lot of what I do.

It has however given me the unique and ongoing gift to test what works and doesn’t work to drive productivity from a place of no energy, find motivation and inspiration when you can barely open your eyes and drive action from a place of flow even whilst exhausted.

Here a few of my favourite tips for if you are in the no energy zone and are yet to find your way out:

  1. Make an appointment with a good holistic health doctor, integrated medical doctor or naturopath - someone who will do obscure blood work, take urine and feacal samples, test for allergens/parasites/all trace minerals/genetic conditions/autoimmune disorders/metal levels and more. Going to the GP and getting a "eat better, rest more and your standard blood work looks fiiiinnnnnee" condescending lecture is just going to make you feel worse and not get answers.

  2. Follow expanders online who are not running their business from a hustle/masculine place. Find expanders who work with energy and flow and demonstrate the need to listen to what their body and mind needs in addition to creating and making steps in their business.

  3. Protect your energy and boundaries. This may not be the time for shadow work and exposing yourself to your triggers. Unfollow/block/unfriend/mute everyone who makes you feel less than - even those beautiful entrepreneur friends who are posting wonderful stuff that is triggering your comparison rather than inspiring you. Dive into that when you are not flat lining. Your focus should be instead on surviving and anything that elevates you.

  4. Take note of everything in your business and life that does energise you and create more of that. For me, doing my 1:1 coaching calls with my clients always energises me and I get a high from this. Doing social media 'done for you' work on the other hand does not despite my skills in the area. This is why in 2020/2021 I scaled back all my social media 'done for you' work and ultimately eliminated that income stream in my business. I also found showing up on my instastories and doing the occasional livestream was about all I could handle with content creation so I wrote less than a dozen blog posts in 2021. Your content creation style gets to evolve and change - find how you can work with rather than against that.

  5. Pad out your spiritual toolkit to elevate you on a day to day basis when you need to pull yourself off the floor. Mine includes mood boosting and emotionally regulating essential oils, high frequency Spotify playlists, calming teas, ceremonial cacao, breath work, meditation, journaling and more. Sometimes forcing myself to use just one thing on the list creates trajectory to then begin my day.

  6. Having support. Wherever possible, having your kids in care, having a cleaner help you with your house, getting meals or groceries delivered, having an assistant to do all the stuff you avoid and communicating to everyone around you when you are having a bad day and need to just lie on a bed for 20+ hours.

  7. Have a million reminders and lists of things you must do. When my brain fog, no energy and depression was at it's worst, I would have calendar reminders, lists on my phone, lists in my journal, I'd email myself reminders about things and then I'd also have to put a note on the kitchen counter - 'Check your lists' otherwise I'd just space.

Let me know what you'd add to this and, if you need support with where you are at in your Business and Life - energy high or low, reach out! I have 1:1 coaching spots open and I'd love to chat to you!

Also, check out my related blog post 5 Tips for Creating from Low Energy.


Want to find out more about what I do as a Business, Life and Period Coach and, how we can work together to expand your energy, create more flow and unlock your optimal methods? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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