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Working with Cyclical or Energetic Shifts

It's the Leo Moon this week which brings about a big audacious mood. Whose feeling that?

Aside from the vibe of which star sign the moon is in (especially during a full or new moon), you may also find yourself being affected by the cyclical changes of the moon just based on phase along. And these aren't the only cyclical or energetic shifts which can heavily impact on us - with or without our knowing.

Some of us are affected more than others by planetary movements such as when planets are in retrograde - thank you Mercury this month. Some are affected more than others by the shifts in their inner cycle - whether male or female. Some of us change dramatically from season to season. Some of us are affected by our feminine and masculine energy being out of balance. Etc.

Either way - there will be occasions when the last thing you feel like doing is your social media and showing up in your online business and that may not coexist with you being a bad entrepreneur or uninspired human. We've all been there - me 100% included.

I used to savagely beat myself down. Call myself all sorts of names and basically believe I was a lazy piece of __ when I didn't have my stuff together 24/7 with absolute consistency. I didn't understand why I was so 'scattered' and believed that the origin was entirely on an error with my conscious motivation. I didn't get why I 'struggled' so much to stay on point with my own projects even when everything was in alignment.

My career I was always good at - anal sometimes OCD workaholic Capricorn sun here. But when it came to my personal pursuits - I never came out on top. A massive part of that was certainly my self worth issues from trauma when I was younger BUT a portion of it was also that I didn't understand my own manual or how to work with my completely normal and therefore changing energy, mood and needs.

Then I found astrology. Massive ahah moment there. Then I found cycle awareness. Then I found out about feminine vs masculine energy. Then I found out I was an empath. Then I found human design. And I also discovered a million tools at my disposal to make it all EASIER!⁠

We change because our very structure reacts and alchemises with the world around us and the world within us. And depending on your make up, some outer or inner things will create more ripples in you than in other people.

Planetary and lunar changes react with our bodies in unique ways and this can in turn effect our emotions, our inclinations, our lens of the world. Your female or male cycle shifts the hormones flowing through your body and this in turn effects absolutely everything including motivation and the way in which you can make strides forward in your business. The seasons can effect your trace mineral absorption, your hormone levels, your requirement for sleep and rest and more. Your female or male energy balance can effect your magnetism, openness, dynamic with structure, dynamic in relationships etc.

This impacts us to our core.

If you take at face value the every changing nature of the way you show up in our default without knowing what's under the hood - you might just find yourself living in comparison, struggling with self worth, being your own worst critic, feeling like an imposter like I certainly did. And the worst part of this is that you then won't be tapping into your 'super powers' that work in tangent to the perceived 'downsides' of your shifting nature.

This is the reason I started incorporating all this into the way I coach women (and men) so that they too could immerse themselves into their coding and in turn up level in business, content creation and life.

Because once you understand the natural design of how you flow and react with your inner and outer world, you then get to weave the structure of everything you do in compliment to this.

And that is your flow state. And that is ease.

And that is fucking delightful.


Want to find out more about what I do as a Business, Life and Period Coach and, how we can work together to expand your energy, create more flow and unlock your optimal methods? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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