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Why Ceremonial Cacao?

Some chocolate notes - haha do you see that pun there - on cacao and why I love using cacao to facilitate a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us, in ceremony with friends or in coaching sessions with clients:⁠

>>> Cacao (raw ceremonial) is particularly important to support a healthy uterus. This is because it contains polyphenol antioxidants. It also helps with depression, insomnia, nervousness and excitability, as well as regulating blood pressure and sugar levels, and preventing cardiometabolic diseases. As a plant medicine it is an activator of the heart chakra and contains many properties that work to shift emotions and allow inner healing. It improves brain function and our ability to focus; and improves our mood all in one.⁠

This is all why during times of stress, when we need to tune in, seek guidance and heal as a world more than ever - cacao is a beautiful tool to use.⁠

We have just started having little clusters break out near where we live and I fear that our recent freedoms beyond what other states in Australia have had will shortly be scaled back further and further. Throughout this time and with anxiety peaking up this year, cacao becomes somewhat essential.⁠

Have you dived into mama cacao or you just curious at this point?⁠


Want to find out more about what I do as a Business, Life and Period Coach and, how we can work together to expand your energy, create more flow and unlock your optimal methods? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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