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Wellness and Plant Medicine

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Perhaps we would have all burned at the stake back in the day 🍃🔥

As a woman who can wear trousers, use science, dance naked around a fire, rub clay all over herself and pose amongst trees with her sisters, have cacao, read and have crystals, understand the cycles of the moon and advocate the use of plant medicine such as essential oils - I would have burnt at the stake in a prior life.⁠

If you're reading this, you probably would have too.⁠

It amazes me how quickly the world can change and how quickly it can forget.⁠

Once upon a time, we all drew from nature by instinct, by tradition and as a result of being taught by our elders.⁠

If we look at natural remedies alone: Burns were treated with lavender. Orange was used to help clean teeth. Peppermint soothed sore joints and aches. Etc.

And it was powerful.⁠

We didn't look for something to be packaged up with hundreds of toxic ingredients that only served the purpose of touting a secret formula. We didn't need to be marketed to. We didn't need to be told by the world what was right and what wasn't. We knew and we foraged and we gathered and we nourished ourselves with what the earth provided.⁠

My soul misses that.

We may not as a general rule burn our 'witches' anymore but the world does still try to discredit plant medicine. Why? Because it does not fatten the pockets of those in power.⁠ Boooooooo.

Return to origins with me and grab your essential oils starter pack here.


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