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Visioning Away Your Objections

Your dreams can give you clues about what shifts your unconscious is seeking to make, and/or give you an idea around what is holding you back from pushing forward.

Visioning (for example vision boarding), meditating on your future self and then looking at your proactive follow through is what allows you to consciously see the same.

For example, you vision board looking a certain way, driving a certain car, vacationing at certain places then consider ok, how do I get from A to B?

Look for objections.

i.e. A lack in money, time, availability, freedom of identity etc.

Then ask - What limiting belief, worthiness factor or trauma is legitimising my excuses or is validated by my objections?

This is what then needs to be worked on because it is what is preventing your natural progression from A to B.

The only reason you don’t currently have everything you ‘want’ in the world is because you have played a part in stopping yourself from getting there, thus far.


P.S. I’ve decided that I’m totally going to start writing out my dreams first thing in the morning.


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