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Using Stock Images

Who here supplements with stock images or reposts Insta pics? 🙋🏼‍♀️⠀

On rare occasions I do on Insta.

So - why would you supplement your own pics with others?⠀

For me, on Insta - it’s just to fill out the colouring or have some transition pics in my grid of Insta posts. And done very minimally.⠀

Elsewhere, it’s about having a variety of high quality landscape pics that suit the theme of an articles for LinkedIn, my website or ones published in the media. That’s where I use them most.⠀

I don’t have a huge range of landscape photoshoot pics and if I used portrait ones, the resolution would end up low which statistically affects engagement. If I waited until I had the right pic, I might not actually post the message that needed to be shared then and there. Better done, with stock images than waiting around forever until you have your own appropriate pic.⠀

Other reasons people use stock images on Insta especially is because they are hoping to replicate the success of reposting popular ones or trying to amp up their feed with better pics than their own. Either way, energetically, it’s best to start building your own supply to use instead most/all the time. People don’t generally connect as well with accounts that overuse stock images because it doesn’t feel as authentic.⠀

When/if you do choose to use them - make sure you source royalty free stock pics. Don’t grab pics off google or Pinterest or you may end up getting sued. It does happen if they can tie it to you making $.⠀

I go to Unsplash because they’re beautiful, free, there are so many and I don’t have to credit which is convenient if I forget who took the pic.


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