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Using Palo Santo

Current oil on repeat: PALO SANTO⁠

Palo Santo is a bit of a controversial thing as the demand for it in the spiritual space has lead to plundering, environmental damage and disregard.⁠

However, it's currently listed as stable not endangered and I do believe that when correctly and ethically sourced from a supplier who can attest to how it was collected, it can be an invaluable tool for for supporting our mind and body in or out of ceremony.⁠

This wood was used by South American shamans to remove negativity, attract abundance and elevate spiritual connection and there's a reason for that.⁠

It contains chemical compounds and antimicrobial properties which calm the nervous system, relieve discomfort and, help the body release happy hormones (dopamine and serotonin) and the body's natural pain relief (endorphins and enkephalins).⁠

How cool is that?!⁠

Personally I tend to use my Palo Santo essential oil or wood whenever my anxiety flares up, when I'm feeling down or disconnected, in rituals and, more so during my Inner Spring and Inner Autumn.⁠

The floaty feels of Inner Spring can make you feel unanchored and, the critic of Inner Autumn can make you feel ungrounded - Palo Santo is a great external tool to tether in and overcome this.⁠

This is separate and alongside many other external or internal tools that we can use to do the same.⁠


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