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Throw Caution to the Wind

I cut a huge chunk of my hair recently. And shaved the side. It’s something I have wanted to do for forever but I’ve always given myself a reason to wait.

Well I’m not waiting anymore.

I’m not waiting on life to change around me and for me without first changing myself. I’m not waiting for people to change when they have proved that they will not. I’m not waiting for my issues of worth to change without me deep diving and making that change possible. I’m not waiting for my body to miraculously change without me putting in more work. I’m not waiting for my standing to change with changing the way I present myself and stand amongst others. I’m not waiting another day.

Because our days are numbered. The last day we spend waiting could actually be our last day. THAT is scarier than any foolish fear that might be telling us to instead just keep waiting.

God Bless,


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