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The Power of Sisterhood

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

S I S T E R H O O D ♀️it’s such a grounding and soul satisfying experience to spend time either in ritual or just out on the town with women.⁠

And it's equally important for men to spend time with men.⁠

Our ancestors would spent the majority of their time with all the women of the village or all the men as well as with the collective community. This was intermixed with hermit time as required/available. Children were minded as a collective and the safety/responsibilities of parenting, survival were felt and managed by all.⁠

It wasn't normal to spend the degree of solitude or 1:1 time with our immediate family unit time that we experience these days.⁠

A result of our modern day norm is that we lose out on truly shared experiences (woman to woman, mother to mother, bleed to bleed, man to man) and the support of the pack as a result.⁠

Loneliness and feeling like no-one understands you can literally kill people. As opposed to those little towns were everyone lives longer than anyone else on earth and one of their priorities is ... community (as well as rest, faith, sex, great food etc.).⁠

So with respect to calling back in your village, here's what you can do today:⁠

> Find an online community of like minded people who are there to truly support each other in elevation;⁠

> Have a regular circle with just your sisters or just your brothers - either in person or via zoom and,⁠

> Stop trying to embody everything to everyone all of the time.⁠

You are one person, in a world of 8 billion. You are unique, you are magic, you can do anything AND you also need others. Open your eyes to the beauty of collaboration and invite yourself to return to your roots of having a network support you.⁠


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