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The Layers to Lighting Up

I feel life is a never ending journey of asking yourself 'What lights me up?' and going further and further down past of the layers of your own true response to that.⁠

I wrote a post almost 2 years ago speaking about following what lights you up but at the time I recall it being in very broad terms with respect to following a dream of working in this area or that area or starting a business or a hustle or a hobby if that's what you really want.⁠

These days I'm noticing that it's all about the finer detail and as each area of my life pulls into alignment and in resonance with what lights me up, I pull out my microscope and ask but what parts of that do or don't light me up as much as the other.⁠

Are we following my swirly train of thought here?⁠

This pursuit of following the light its a beautiful and essential part of allowing ease and flow into your life.⁠

There are a million layers beneath and a million facets to the things that light you up and, if it feels like you're only ever going uphill even tho you know you are where you need to be - consider adjusting your angle.⁠

Ask yourself - how can I do this differently? What is the simplest way (for me) that I could do this? Do I love every part of this? What don't I love? What can be removed? What can be added? And throughout all of this - what lights me up?⁠

Follow the light my friends.⁠


Want to find out more about what I do as a Business, Life and Period Coach and, how we can work together to expand your energy, create more flow and unlock your optimal methods? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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