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The Language of Your Scared Space

I've started having conversation with my children around the correct terminology for female anatomy - specifically genitals. We have never shied away from using the 'right' words but the issue with women's is that the commonly used 'right' word isn't technically correct.⁠

A word for an internal passage (the vaginal tunnel) is used to describe the entire outer area.⁠

This becomes a dilemma - do you teach your child a word that is technically correct but 95% of people don't know (just guessing stats here) and then they are less supported if they need to explain something to do that area ... or do you teach your child the word that most of society uses and then avoid further discussion?⁠

For me, I think it's important that they know both. To begin with, the society preferred terms and then secondly as conversation evolves, the technical terms. And reminding them that 'most people don't know this but'…

Words matter. Words have power. Words give ownership. Words give understanding.⁠

If we're looking at the female outer area we can see a whole lot of things - the mound of venus, the major labia, sometimes the minor labia, the clit head and MAYBE (depending on your unique folds) the entrance hole to what everyone typically refers to as the whole shebang.⁠

It's dismissive to give an inaccurate name for everything whilst also not giving women or indeed men the opportunity to know in greater depth. And I believe this is a block for a lot of women with learning to love this aspect of their self.⁠

The correct term for this beautiful outer region is instead vulva or if that reminds you of a car model as it does me, you could use the sanskrit name yoni which is a metaphor for the gateway of birth and sense of source and origin.⁠

Whatever words you use though - get curious, know yourself and be in command of the entire language of this sacred space.⁠

Is this all brand new information to y'all or are you already well learned in this?⁠


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