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The Importance of Authenticity

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Inauthenticity is yuck.⁠

I don’t work with people that are inauthentic and, I find it curiously concerning when people sell themselves by twisting the truth, by showing only their light and then switching into shadow when the cameras are off or, by pretending to be someone who they are 100% not.⁠

The type of person where you see them as a speaker and they’re amazing up until the point where they realise you aren’t going to immediately invest and then, the shine and caring leaves their projected energy like the speed of light.⁠

Personally, I use my inner authority and what I have seen as evidenced to tell me whether something is off with someone in my audience, someone I follow or otherwise. I disengage myself and at the same time fully embrace the fact that I don’t know what their truth is. All I know is what my intuition tells me and where it says for me personally to walk away.⁠

Authenticity to me means living in integrity. It means owning who you are, including the elements that aren’t so shiny or compatible with everyone and what you have genuinely experienced. Authenticity also means not proclaiming yourself as the master of something whilst filtering out elements of yourself that tie in with that.⁠

E.g. fitness and health gurus who grossly edit every one of their images #unfiltered. Self love coaches who do the same. If you don’t believe in your own advice - how can you mentor others to do so?⁠

Or people that will spread love and light online and then in private DMs will bring out all the abuse, gossip and gaslighting.⁠

Or those that see someone else have brilliant online results with a certain positioning of their story, method of showing up or style of storytelling who then choose to concoct a flimsy, wildly over exaggerated version of the same to try and make similar waves.⁠

There is always a line and that comes down to your own level of integrity and whether what you are putting out there is an inflation of where your personal inner work is or isn’t.⁠

If you have to ask yourself where the line is tho - that’s probably where and to quote Friends "You’re so far past the line that you can’t even see the line!!! ... The line is a dot to you!" (insert outrage here).



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