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The Estrogen Drop into Inner Autumn

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Who here starts to feel a little crappy as they enter the final phase of their Female Cycle, before menstruation?⁠

At the start of your Inner Autumn, around days 19-28 of your cycle, your body has just experienced a pretty rapid drop in Estrogen which in turn causes a drop in our happy hormones.⁠

The flow on of this is a double edged sword -⁠

We are more critical and can see what needs to be edited and, become more intuitive.⁠

But confidence can also get really low, anxiety can increase and so too can sadness.⁠

[ Thankfully, during this time our progesterone also peaks which brings in mellow vibes. This can mean you become a mellow bitch towards people overstepping your boundaries and over asking of you haha. ]⁠

So, how to support ourselves as leave behind the estrogen high?⁠

1. You won’t have boundless energy anymore so stop saying yes to everything.⁠

2. As you feel more sensitive, up your self care and raid your spiritual toolkit (think oils, palo santo, cacao, high frequency music)⁠

3. Be more inclusive of your shadow - anger, sadness, comparison, triggers - and look for positive ways to receive and then release these.⁠


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