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The 'Bad' has purpose

Have you realised that everything that happens - good, bad, frustrating - happens for a precise reason?

Get sick - it’s just a flag that you, in general, need to be taking better care of yourself.

Your wifi dies - it just means that you needed to switch up and tend to offline projects.

The livestream won’t connect - it means that you needed to vary how you were going to say something.

Your content gets deleted - maybe your energy was meant to be elsewhere.

Someone in your tribe is rude - it means you need to be more clear on who is allowed into your space and who you are attracting.

Getting backlash online - simply means that you are triggering people by stepping more into your element.

Deadlines looming - it’s because you need to be reminded about honouring your time.

Sometimes things don’t work.

Sometimes your body doesn’t work.

Sometimes the world stops spinning.

Sometimes chaos does reign.

At that point, you can either get up and complain or try again or try something different or ask yourself if you would be serving yourself better by pivoting completely.

Running a successful online business and extending your social media reach is about dedication but it’s also about being reactive and being changeable and accepting when glitches, updates, breaches, failures and other randomness throws a spanner in the works.

So - just remember, regardless of what’s going down - you got this. It’s up to you how the next part of the story goes. So, make a choice, pick up that spanner and get on with your day.


Want to find out more about what I do as a Coach and Hormone Educator, how we can work together to remap your mindset, find your intuitive strategies and empower yourself with your cycle? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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