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The Average of 5

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

You're the average of the five you surround yourself with. We've all heard that before right? But here's a reframe on this that I heard posed the other day (that I think we all should consider) - Are you surrounded by the average of who you currently, or are you surrounded by the average of who you wish to be?⁠

Makes you think doesn’t it?!

Grab a spot to meditate or pull out your journal and ponder on this - ⁠

Who do I want to be in 2 years time with respect to my _______?⁠

❤️ Money beliefs and financial reality⁠

❤️ Relationship and what I call in as a Queen⁠

❤️ Physical self and the dedication I have to the skin I'm in⁠

❤️ Spirituality and the level of adoration I have for my soul and godly gifts⁠

❤️ Purpose and passion and how I go about bringing that into action⁠

Now what do the average of your 5 say with respect to what you're calling in for the future?⁠

Make no mistake, our mirror neurons are constantly at play and work to reflect the actions of those whose company we keep, those we watch on TV and IRL and those we listen to. Watch what you absorb or be a passive witness to what you will become.⁠

God Bless,


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