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Table Choices and Energetic Alignment

I confess -> I am the person that stands in the middle of a cafe and very seriously considers the feel of every table arrangement before I sit down. It's not uncommon that I change tables ... a few times. In fact, I recall one time that my sister and I actually left a restaurant because of their atrocious placements (thank god she is in agreement about the need for good table energy).


And there's this Australian ad for a super/retirement fund on at the moment (which I think is hilarious) where they pretend people are being charged for changing tables the way people are currently charged for changing their superannuation investment choices. [Am I the only one that's noticed this ad since I used to work in the superannuation industry and change tables so much??? ... And all my fellow ex and current super colleagues say - no me too!]


Either way - it's basically making a point that it's silly that people are charged for changing their mind about something relatively simple.

And it brings home a good point -> that you should get to change your mind without being penalised as a general rule.

Some people think it's stupid that I change tables multiple times but 1. fuck them I don't care what they think. And 2. it's important to me because the whole energy of the meal or if I'm working, my ability to create with ease or get into the zone changes for the better when I let go of feeling embarrassed or weird for following alignment.

So - don't hold yourself back from adjusting things to suit you exactly as you like them and in a way that will completely support your process: even if it makes you look weird or pedantic or a little silly.

So much more fun to be (what we alone think is) the crazy one than it is to be the 'good girl' not making a fuss and feeling uncomfortable for the sake of others who wouldn't really care that much either way.


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