Happy Friday the 13th and eve of the micro full moon for September!

Today feels like good vibes! I used to be a little superstitious of this day in my younger years as a devout Christian who steered away from all things even remotely other. But then I grew up, I opened my eyes and I started to make my own impressions and form my own opinions.⠀

The idea that Friday the 13th is bad luck is actually likely to have stemmed from Christianity after all - because 13 people sat around the table for the last supper on a Thursday and then Jesus died on the Good Friday. So 13 & a Friday = bad things happen.⠀

It’s a bit Middle Ages isn’t it?! Let’s not blame anything else! Nope, must’ve been the number of people and day of the week - that’s where the evil lay!⠀

So much else about history is the same. Silly superstition and ridiculous assumptions.⠀

One being - the people who were burnt alive for being called witches. Likely just women that were connected in with nature and used plants and herbs medicinally and occasionally danced naked in the woods (ideally with the full moon). If we went back in time, 80% of the people I know (myself included) would definitely fit into this category.⠀

So today, I’m enjoying this beautiful day, lucky 13 and I hope you do too! And tonight or tomorrow when the moon is close to full - I’m going to be doing whatever I feel called to and I welcome you to do the same.


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