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Side Biz Photo Shoot Day

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

5 weeks ago I went part-time down to 4 days a week at my main job and career to allow room for my side hustle. So now, every Wednesday is my SLAYday and I get to crush it in my self branded social media consulting agency.

Last week's slay day was an EPIC one.

It was my first photoshoot for my new business and, the first professional photo shoot that I had personally EVER done.

I wanted everything to be perfect and wanted to feel super confident which, for me, meant fresh hair and tanned limbs. Unfortunately, time and budget had meant that I hadn't had the chance to book in for either of those so it was going to be all about the DIY.

7.30AM - I quickly realised that was a mistake to leave both these things to the last minute since the LeTan fake tan bottle said to apply 3+ hours before showering (!) and that it would then continue to develop for the next 5 or so hours. I only had 5 hours until my photo shoot - cutting it pretty close!

8:00AM - All tanned up and with my timer set I plucked my eyebrows and had breakfast while listening and checking a copy of the podcast interview I had done the night before for the amazing Ruby Lee's Own Your Hustle podcast (check the link here). It was soooo good that I didn't even feel like I needed to do any other mindset work for the morning and so killed two, no three birds with one stone. You really need to go and check out that episode of the podcast #65 and subscribe to Ruby's podcast while you're at it because it's one of the best.

Multi tasking is pretty much essential in my life and I just wouldn't get things done otherwise. In addition to my side hustle and main hustle, I'm also the mum of two toddlers who keep things constantly interesting! Taking advantage of every pocket of time and doing a handful of things simultaneously is life.

9:00AM - My husband re-shaved my side head (which could have ended poorly since neither of us could remember what length the shaver was meant to be set at) and I was then ready to apply my Schwartzkopf Blonde toner. At this point I realised that I didn't even have any gloves to wear while doing so ... luckily I found a travel barf bag to cover my hand with and I managed to super awkwardly do the job - haha.

10:00AM - Shower. Makeup. Blow out. Straighten. Prep photoshoot clothes. Tick, tick, tick.

11:30AM - While painting my toenails ... naked ... I had a phone call with one of my main hustle team members to talk her through a new process #truestory #alwaysmultitasking.

12:50PM - I got to my photographer's home studio slightly early. A big goal of mine this year is to arrive on time or slightly early for things rather than being perpetually late. So far I am starting to turn the tide on this!

The photography session was AMAZING!

I'd booked a one hour shoot and we had time for four outfit changes, 300 photos (of which around 150 would be usable i.e. not with me pulling an extremely unattractive face or with my eyes closed ... and 10 highly edited), all the poses, about 10 different backdrops and 50 prop variations. My photographer came highly recommended and I knew she incredible going in so that definitely made things easier but even so she was so disarming during the session that I spent most of the time laughing, completely relaxed and just having fun.

I hadn't given her a mood board or any idea of what I wanted prior to arriving which if I'd wanted something complicated would have - well - complicated matters. Note for you, if you're booking in a session explain in advance what you want the pics for, the style/mood of the pics you're after, the colours you want to be picked up and even provide a Pinterest or like inspo board to further detail this. Thankfully, my style and the photographers was in synch so there were no dramas.

2.15 PM - Once all was said and done, I was riding on an all time HIGH. I went and fuelled up and then reassessed what else needed to be accomplished that day.

The night before, during the podcast interview, I had finished off by declaring the my 7 day Slay Social Media course was open (knowing that the podcast wasn't going to be published for 48 hours) - I haven't even written the sales page yet. I'd also said my freebie subscriber list opt in was live and available - I hadn't done up the freebie .... nor the page ... and hadn't even properly integrated my subscriber list service yet! And, more importantly ... I hadn't even hooked up this here website with my purchased URL or even finished off the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use etc.

So - I got to work.

It ended up taking me about 3-4 hours to write up my Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer, finish off my website, integrate my subscriber list properly, write up my AMAZING sales page for my new program, fix the website address and make it all look beautiful.

I did cheat kinda ... I looked over some friend's policies to give me guidance whilst at the same time being well aware of what was required with GDPR and what I needed to ensure was covered in general.

8.30 PM - Quick spot of grocery shopping for the family

9.00 PM - My weekly D&M and all things catch up call with my beautiful bestie who I bounce all my biz and life ideas off and who is in general an incredible pillar of inspiration for me. My tip of the day with respect to this - always surround yourself with badass empowering people that celebrate your successes, support you and make you inclined to be a better version of yourself.

10.00 PM - No idea. Haha, I think I prepped my social launch posts for the next day and I'm pretty sure that as usual, I kept on working through to midnight. Most days I work until midnight and then aim to wake at 6AM and that's how I manage to get so much done!

Either way, by the time the podcast episode was published the following afternoon, my sales page was well and truly live and launched that morning before my main hustle day began.

And, my photographer had already sent me first copies of the photos from the day before as she had been so excited to go through them too.

All in all it truly was an EPIC hustle and slay day and guess what? Today's hustle day has been just as amazing. More on that later!

What about you?

What massive shifts, actions and days have you had in your hustle lately?


Want to find out more about what I do as a Business, Life and Period Coach and, how we can work together to expand your energy, create more flow and unlock your optimal methods? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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