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Self Care Doesn't Always Feel Good

Sometimes I am angry and I don't want to dance. I want to self sabotage or scream at people in an unproductive way (as opposed to primal screaming in a constructive way for somatic release).⁠

Sometimes I feel guilty and crappy at the idea of even taking an extra hour away from family to do a ritual bath.⁠

Sometimes I can't be fucked carrying my hundreds of crystals downstairs or even to the landing to be bathed in the moon light.⁠

Sometimes dry brushing feels punishing not beneficial.⁠

Sometimes I don't want to face what I need to journal about.⁠

Sometimes (actually almost all the time) I gag when I do oil pulling.⁠

It doesn't always feel good. That's beside the point. Stop asking yourself what you want to do all the time and start asking yourself more what you need.⁠


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