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Secrets of your Inner Spring

Updated: Apr 20

Your Inner Spring is the part of your cycle that embodies the Maiden archetype. A little wild and very much in her feminine energy.

This is around days 6 - 11, as your energy starts to return. During this phase, you will feel more open to learning new things, taking risks, starting new habits and mixing things up.

Connect in with your adventurous, carefree self but take care not to overdo things as you are not yet in the peak energy of Inner Summer.

With respect to business/work, this is a great time to try new strategies or different ways of creating that may have seemed more daunting before.

You may also like to embrace the inclination to bring more play and randomness to the way you show up with your team, on livestreams and with ideas you present - this is your authentic magical Inner Spring self and should not be pushed down!

What do you notice most about your Inner Spring?


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