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Processing Rage

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

This morning started with bedside flowers and culminated with me being on the verge of a rage blackout because of Amazon delivering the wrong package haha. Anyone else been there? 😬

Slight overreaction (a little justified tho when you’re a mum counting on a book week costume and you get a tangerine women’s clubbing outfit instead) but when I chose to step back and work through it I could easily see why it felt like a much bigger deal than it was and process the feels.

Here are my 10 ten ways to move through blinding anger, starting with a deep breath and leading into:

1. Choosing to see things from other perspectives

2. Checking your inner authority, to ask - is this actually what I am so angry about or is this referred?

3. Change your environment, music, clothes, hair etc. to support your sensory self whilst processing

4. Feel into your inner authority for what your response gets to be. I have sacral inner authority so it’s a yes/no check in with my sacral space. If you're emotional authority, you would instead wait 24hrs for your balanced emotional response. Etc. (ask me about #humandesign for more on this).

5. Avoid good girl inclinations, be firm in boundaries and not sugar coat communicated reactions. This doesn't mean be rude tho.

6. Cry, scream and embody the rage for up to 15 minutes by yourself. Sometimes a good scream into a pillow is all you need.

7. Angry dance, write and burn a letter, sage and paleo santo the world, coat yourself in essential oils and/or simply choose to be at peace with the shadow emotions that this invokes.

8. Then move into the next level. Find the positive forward action.

9. Remember, sometimes shit just happens and there's no higher reason but also, pain or inconvenience can be part of a realignment process and, everything is but a season or moment in time.

10. Know that their people’s choices/reactions/actions are their own, no one is perfect and your triggers are also your own.

Save to refer to as needed and let me know what you’d add to this list?


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