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Processing Low Feels and Loneliness

I’ve been feeling really low lately, especially after I posted and switched out of work mode yesterday.

Examining it logically, there are reasons:

  • Weather and floods in QLD

  • Wars overseas

  • Vulnerable emotionally in my Inner Winter (day 5 now)

  • Needing to fill my cup more

  • Feeling lonely

Now I could’ve just piled on remedies and shifted out of this near straight away but I think it’s important to stew a little and examine what’s under the hood before addressing the obvious.

Sometimes I hate being an open emotional centre aka an empath aka clairsense aka a high mirror neuron response aka high prolactin levels.

You take on a lot that isn’t necessarily your own. Especially when boundaries are lower and you’re dropping into your own phase of intense insight aka Inner Winter.

This does pass tho and once you’ve chosen how to respond energetically or participate if relevant, you can close the door and re-arrange boundaries once more.

Filling your cup also comes down to boundaries, and setting better standards.

The loneliness tho is a different kettle of fish. I’ve got some amazing friends but I’ve really been missing a sisterhood group/community.

Once I started journaling into this, I got it into my head that I’d start my own meet up. But realised I’ve had no external nudges to do so and so wouldn’t be responding in my HD Generator aura. The nudge to facilitate was actually coming from ego and a desire to control the narrative in my masculine and avoid being in my vulnerable feminine energy. Oooo.

So yep, at least for the moment, I am on the lookout to join a circle and now that I’m receptive to this, I know that it’s only a matter of time.


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