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Planning for a Red Christmas

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

It’s day 20 of my cycle today … and Christmas is now 8 days away (my children gleefully remind me how many days left, everyday). It occurs to me that I should be dreaming about a Red Christmas and prepping accordingly.

And, are you in the same boat?

Keeping in mind that our womb lining detaches 3 days before our bleed begins, the days leading up to Christmas will likely be a bit more tender and with lessening energy whether things go to schedule or not. And, once our bleed does arrive, we are in the midst of our Inner Winter phase for 5 days where reserves are down and our inclination to socialise is limited.

So, during this crazy extrovert time, what can we do?

1. Do as much in advance as possible. For me - that’s wrapping all the presents as soon as I get them at the beginning of next week, pre cutting veggies the day (or earlier and freezing) etc.

2. Ask for help. Delegate everything if possible and consider booking in a gardener and/or cleaner as required.

3. Communicate with your loved ones that your bleed is coming and that you aren’t going to be as willing to stretch.

4. Simplify your days. Refine what the top 3 things on your to do list will be and strike off everything else.

5. Be kind to yourself. Fill your Christmas stocking with good dark chocolate, hormone supporting tea, comfy socks, a heat pack and anything else that’s going to make you feel nurtured.

6. Buy out of staying on your feet all day. Let people come to you, let the house get messy after Christmas morning shenanigans, and let things go. From a participation perspective, the gift of your insightful presence should be enough for those that love you.

What would you add to this list and, what are you going to take onboard?

God Bless,


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