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Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Cacao

Shifting into Inner Autumn today and definitely feeling the edginess, masculinity and heightened feels of this phase already.⁠

First step for me: ceremonial grade cacao.⁠

In its original form cacao contains lots of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients - one of these is theobromine which is a non psychedelic stimulant which increases blood flow, regulates blood pressure and releases serotonin (a happy hormone) in the brain.⁠

Once heavily heated and processed however (for example on its way to becoming commercial chocolate), many of these active compounds are stripped away.⁠

So this is why it is very different at a biological level to have cacao compared to having a hot chocolate.⁠

At a spiritual level, there is also the connection cacao has to its roots with the Masoamerican peoples, its use in ceremony with shamans and, the layer it provides to rituals (not just with physiological response).⁠

Cacao was not used only in closed ceremony and was provided by the earth which are two reasons why I support its general use. But, I do think it deserves reverence as it is a spiritual tool and not just a grocery store add on.⁠

Personally, whilst I can do full ceremonial cacao circles, currently I generally have mine solo after giving thanks and setting my intentions for what I will receive from cacao on that day.⁠

Who else has cacao in their spiritual toolkit?⁠

If you want to start your journey with cacao ... would you be interested if I started stocking it in my online store? I do have a beautiful connection that could make that an option in the future.

Would love to hear your thoughts!⁠


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