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Owning The Chaos

Today has had some WEIRD energy am I right? I feel like I was fighting with myself constantly to take action and instead just felt like dancing. Ah to spend the whole day dancing around!!! Unfortunately, no matter how much freedom I have currently established in my business and life, I do (at least currently) have responsibilities and timeframes with my clients, my family and general administration.

Don't get me wrong - it is incredible - the flexibility and flow that I do have in general. I work from bed, in the bath, in cafes (once upon a time when they were open), poolside etc. I work around my children generally and appointments. I create space around the first week of my cycle and take an early day when I want to sit in ritual ... But no matter how much fluidity there is, I think we still get to ask and look for - how can I create more of that. More alignment and more respect for my day to day wants and needs. And, allow some element of that to mix in when there is a set to do list.

Today that meant as little as playing my Moon playlists all day on Spotify while working away and, dancing at intermissions between client work. I also took half the morning just to fix my weird AF hair after a home dye debacle on the weekend coz I knew I'd be moody otherwise.

And, I owned the chaos. E.g. I just emailed a client a rough project timeframe which said, to paraphrase: > My available hours are *generally* XYZ with lighter hours the first week of my cycle but the current climate has thrown that out of the window a bit as my children are currently home with homeschooling requirements. My husband is home 80% of the time too but picking up work without much notice. So, my hours are sliding around a bit and you may find me responding to you at random :) If I had instead said: These are my availabilities, with no leeway - when I know that I might suddenly solo with the kids or my son has a meltdown and I can't get to my devices for hours ... I would've been setting myself up for feeling like a slave to my day rather than welcoming in more light.

Either way, the work gets done. The world keeps turning. It's all the same but the feeling is completely different. No?


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