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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Updated: Nov 18

Sometimes it feels like as soon as I make a declaration, I’m immediately challenged in the most difficult ways. And that does speak to spiritual attacks but also, studies show that whilst telling people your goals CAN help motivate you and make you accountable ... it can also have the opposite effect just for funsies.

You might show up, say you’re going to do all the brilliant stuff, get that feel good dopamine hit from doing so and then? No longer be inspired to follow through. Ergh. Right?

I’m like that sometimes. It’s why I made a rule for myself a few years back that I wasn’t allowed to proclaim what I was going to do to the masses … only what I was actually doing or what I’d done. I don’t always stick to that but it has been a helpful practice, especially when I’ve tried to force along with something in my own strength alone.

Last week, I went live with my Esther Year free group (inner/outer beauty plan and routines etc.). And it’s so aligned and something I was already 10 days in with myself. And immediately after I was hit with a wave of depressive energy and was in real struggle mode for about 4 days … I belatedly realised it was in part supplement related, and corrected.

Still. I made a big song and dance (from my perspective) and then ghosted. And once I did, it was easy to start thinking along the lines of dropping the ball. That maybe this was not the thing. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this. Maybe no-one is interested, and it’s whatever.

This time though, the download for Esther Year is from God, and even in my struggle I'm pushing on. I didn’t work out for 2 days but I did still follow through on most of my other standards.

The difference between those who get motivated vs those who give up after they share could be a thousand different things - how firm the OG decision was, where mindset is at, who is supporting the decision but a big consideration should be - whether it’s actually for you and God given … or not.

If the thing ISN’T for you. You should commend yourself for throwing it in the trash, no matter how silly that looks if it’s already been broadcast. Be willing to set it all on fire. Because if it’s not your pathway, it’ll be destroyed eventually anyway. Preemptively hit the button for it to blow now.

But. BUT. When it IS yours. And I think you do generally know that (but if in doubt, pray, pray, pray about it). When it is yours - claim it. Anchor in to your commitment, double down on the fact that it’s part of God’s purpose for you and navigate a path through the struggle. Be at 80% or 50% or 10% or 5% but make a choice not to give up. Because whether you figure out why things seem or are so much harder 4 days later or 44 days later - everything is but for a season. The good times and the bad and it’s often just a matter of perseverance when you know which way should be forward.

God Bless,


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