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The featured image for this post is from my second photoshoot. It was so much fun but afterwards, at a local cafe, I bumped into a friend who complimented me and I said 'Oh yeah, but this is my saggy boob dress - I'll probably look awful in the pics.'.

I used to be very self depreciating. I couldn't take a compliment without deflection or coupling it with an insult to myself.

That moment was the first one though that I recoiled at my own instinctive response. I was already well into my own journey of embracing my worth and, I was very much starting to notice the ways in which I was an active participant in the way I felt about myself.

When the many beautiful images did come back from the shoot, I made a conscious choice that I wasn't going to edit any.

In previous shoots, I had (much I'm sure to my photographer's horror) slimmed down, stretched and 'beautified' every single image. I had all the apps and editing software. And it hadn't felt out of integrity because I wasn’t positioning myself as someone that was epitome of self love or fitness.

I was very open about being on my own ongoing healing and instead coached around strategy. In fact, in my membership group at the time, I did a little training around how I did edit photos.

I've come a long way since then and these days, my coaching focuses on embodiment and loving on the very real version of who we are in alignment with that. And, in my last photoshoot (which was a selfie tripod shoot in my home office), I wasn’t wearing a bra half the time, was wearing barely any makeup and aside from the occasional colour correction filter - and still choose not to edit any.

I do make an exception to IG stories and TikTok filters though - haha.

What about you? Do you edit or not?


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