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Updated: Nov 18

It’s all happening. I’ve starting celery juicing again. I’ve been persistently locking in my morning routine with all the good things and, despite some things being an absolute mess in my personal life … I’m finding my gear.

When the chips fall down around us, it can be what either drags us down or what becomes the catalyst for amazing change. And I think it partly depends a lot on whether if what falls away is because of our own destructive patterns, or if it’s because it was something that was never for you in the first place. But more so, whether or not you have God to lean on, and whether you’ve developed a healthy mindset or not.

When we’re going through tough stuff, that’s when we’re at our most vulnerable, of course. And this vulnerability makes us more pliable. So, do we bend in the right direction? Or do we bend in the wrong direction? It ultimately becomes our decision.

As I said the other day, in the midst of my struggle right now, I’m choosing to anchor in to the fact that I am building a new life. I could instead decide to hold onto pain and bitterness around my relationship end and how that is now playing out but instead, daily, I give it all over to God. It’s literally now on my morning to do list to consciously do that.

And that’s not to say I don’t have my moments and I don’t feel the human overwhelm. I do. But daily I choose into how I get to grow in this time and how I can utilise this to be my best possible self.

What an amazing gift new beginnings can be!

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God Bless,


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