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Natural Content Creation

Content creation should ideally stem from you naturally like doing. I was in conversation about this the other day with respect to what platform one should be on, and creating content for business growth.

At the end of the day, it isn’t always about placing your concentration on the content type that has the most automatic reach, or being more so present on the platform that promises you’ll go viral.

If you’re the average person and don’t like what you’re doing or the environment you’re in, you’ll self sabotage and won’t do it with enough consistency to produce business growth (unless you’re someone who can completely emotionally detach from what they do) AND, I tend to think that this often goes hand in hand with trying to force yourself into online spaces or boxes that God hasn’t directed you to.

E.g. back in the day, LinkedIn was one of the easiest places to get HUGE organic reach because only 1% of users posted content. Now I knew this and over and over again I tried to make myself post content there. However, each and every time after a short stint I’d ‘forget’, 6 months would pass and I’d need to do another intro post. I did not and still do not particularly like that platform.

TikTok is another place where I tried my hand, and did go viral. But I didn’t trust the creators or the politics of the platform and so in spite of it’s promises - it’s not the space for me.

When I pray about which platforms I should concentrate my message on and consider my discernment around this, it’s not necessarily the most trending. It is what I have also naturally gravitated toward. Instagram and Podcasts being the primary spaces for now. This makes sense additionally from a content type perspective - because I’m a writer, and a vocal story teller and a creative. Does this mean that Reels will become part of my strategy? Yep, it probably does but I know right now, I’m going to get more joy from flexing my writing muscle again and joy is a key ingredient to building consistency. When we all consistent, then we add the layers and frill of other stuff.

What about you? What platforms and mediums do you gravitate with joy toward and …. do you ask God about it?

God Bless,


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