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Moving Through Despondency

I find that whenever I’m not feeling abundant or if I’m exhausted or pre menstrual or during menstruation - or combine all of the above … and I’m much more inclined to feel despondent.⁠ If comparison is the thief of joy. Despondency is 100% the thief of consistency. And they both lean in to each other.⁠⠀ You’re feeling down so you start scrolling and looking for something to lift your spirits. Soon you start comparing yourself with everything everyone else has going on and any remaining joy is leeched from your body. You begin to ask yourself - what’s the point? Why am I bothering with this? Maybe I shouldn’t even bother.⁠⠀ Pretty soon, an hour clicks by and you’ve just lost the time from which you could have created content and maintained your consistency with posting and showing up. And this is the key to making it or breaking it.⁠⠀ I’ve been feeling especially sensitive and a bit down leading up to my new cycle in part because I am so frigging tired. My Autoimmune Disease has flared up, I might be due for another iron infusion and even my planetary alignment is making me more exhausted! Even so, this mood, this state and this feeling is something that can be chosen into or out of.⁠⠀ Even in my darkest days, I have known that going outside in the sun or doing XYZ would potentially lift my spirits. At the same time it felt like I was physically INCAPABLE of doing the things, but the knowledge was still there.⁠⠀ On days like today when it’s really not as bad, I can choose to shift out, even if only momentarily. And I can be persistent with wading through the murkiness of the day. I dress myself up, grab my crystals, douse myself in some oils, do some card pulling, get in the sun, practice my breathing and continue down the list until I can force myself into action.⁠⠀ Being consistent with your message doesn’t always feel good. Showing up day in day out (at least where I’m at, 9 months in, isn’t always the default). And sometimes I literally have to fight myself to do anything. But it’s so important because the #1 way to grow an online business above and beyond anything else IS to be there week on week, month on month. Tuning in and making sure the mission, message and business are on point is so important. As is being cycle aware and considerate of your core needs. But today’s perception and despondency are often separate to that and don’t have to stop you. Sometimes the best thing you can do to shift things is actually to battle through. And if you can’t then you try again every day thereafter.


Want to find out more about what I do as a Business, Life and Period Coach and, how we can work together to expand your energy, create more flow and unlock your optimal methods? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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