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Mirror Neuron Hacking

If you can write it (or see it), you can create it and you can hack your brain to so so too.

And this isn't just my opinion -

We have things called mirror neurons in our brain which essentially help us to construct our beliefs of the world around what we see before us. These neurons are essential for learning by doing and by watching someone or something else perform an action and, they allow us to understand through imitation.

However, mirror neurons also come into play when we do something as simple as watching TV. If we are constantly watching reality TV where the 'characters' are creating drama and mischief, our mirror neurons fire up as tho we ourselves are experiencing what we are watching and our brain then begins to believe that this the normality of our lives and interpret situations with this filter on. It means if we are constantly watching conspiracy theory topics - we begin to see conspiracy theories everywhere (doesn't mean they're not there!). It means if we are constantly watching thrillers and horror films, we activate our own flight, fight, fawn and freeze mode - for benefit or detriment.

We tune our brain to whatever frequency and reality that we expose ourselves to based on our viewing choices, our friends and family, the water cooler gossip and corresponding facial expressions of our colleagues and, the news we gobble up.

This is in part why there is that saying that you become the average of the five people you hang around the most. It is in your nature of your mirror neurons to automatically adjust yourself accordingly because what you see becomes the basis for your world.

Some people have a higher intensity in the response of their mirror neurons than others and I would hazard a guess that if we were to conduct an experiment to see how empaths, those with heightened clairsense, those with an open emotional centre in their human design compare to others, the key would be whether or not their mirror neurons are supercharged or not.

So, with all that in mind - how can we use mirror neurons to our advantage in following the intentions we have for this year and beyond?

  1. We can watch what we watch. What reality do you want your brain to believe in? It's smart to use an 80/20 rule here. 80% of the time watch expansive shows, how to advise and reality tv from expanders and learnings that back up what you want to accomplish. 20% of the time allow yourself the amusement of watching whatever.

  2. Learning through imitation. Find expanders for all the facets of what you are going to achieve and embrace and follow them. Note how they start their days, they steps they take when achieving their goals, the books they read and otherwise then tune into your own inner authority and ask yourself which of these are aligned for you and act accordingly.

  3. Consider the community you surround yourself with - do you want to be the average of your closest five or is it time to acknowledge that you get to manifest a greater aligned group of cheerleaders for everything your soul yearns for you? According to Dunbar's theory our brains are wired to know up to 150 people (as this was the size of most hunter-gatherer communities of our ancestors), have 15 trusted friends and 5 intimate bonds. This theory generally holds true. You are not designed to be compatible with everyone in the world and all 8 billion + of us would be pretty damn vanilla if we were. Sometimes people arrive in our lives who are only meant to be there situationally or for a period of time and sometimes, we were never actually meant to be someone's 5-15.

  4. Create a Pinterest board or vision board and start to immerse yourself in what you want to call into your reality.

  5. Do mirror work. Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and vocalise all your present tense affirmations daily. Tell yourself: I love myself. I'm proud of myself. I am beautiful. I can achieve anything I put my mind to and, I am/I have/I drive/I read/I live etc. based on your intentions/goals and resolutions.

Personally, I'll be following all of these which will elevate my intention setting from where it stood last year and the years prior.

Who else is ready to ride their mirror neurons into creating the life they desire?!

Let me know your thoughts and what you're going to take action with!


Want to find out more about what I do as a Business, Life and Period Coach and, how we can work together to expand your energy, create more flow and unlock your optimal methods? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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