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Media/PR Readiness

Everyday, I get Google Alerts about what the Jessa Lewis, Jessica Lewis and Jessica Gregory's are doing around the world and damnnnnn do they inspire me.⁠

There's one who's on Surviver⁠

There's one who's a Paralympic⁠

There's one who's a Rodeo Rider!⁠

There's also a Politician⁠

A photographer⁠




And more⁠

Do you have Google alerts on? It's a great way to monitor unexpected press and be in a position to promote it when it does come your way. After all, whether it's happening now or not - it will sooner or later.⁠

Coz if you're like me, you're doing outreach right? If not, you should be.⁠

Whether you're energetically putting it out there that you will be receptive to media/PR opportunities or, actively initiating by pitching yourself for podcasts, interview articles, guest posts etc. This is one of the BIG ways to increase your online presence and add validation in Google's eyes to your site and socials (because generally the other sites that mention you for media/PR will then link back to your stuff. And external links = good for your SEO)

So - do you have a reason to have alerts on yet? If not - create that reason!


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