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Lox Toxic Living

Low Tox Living ... something I didn't think I was going to become obsessed with that's for sure. I thought I was doing pretty well. I always chose the 'Green' cleaning products where possible at the supermarket. I was never a fan of bug sprays, room sprays, weed sprays. I was very much in the headspace of believing that an 'environmentally friendly', 'grey water safe' product with a picture of a plant on the front of it was healthy.⁠

Whilst I was aware of avoiding parabens and BHA etc. in beauty and skin products, for some reason I actually took what was being sold to me in the cleaning space at face value.⁠

I didn't know that a whole lot of the products I was buying might have been 'natural' based but still toxic to humans. They might have been 'environmentally friendly' by the skin of their teeth but only by one set of standards and not others. Oh and ingredients that are banned in other countries were common in products sold in our supermarkets.⁠

When I started realising just how many toxins I was unwittingly using and had in my home, I got angry and then I started the process of actively switching things out for the better.⁠

One of the mannnnyyyy reasons why I LOVE that Young Living have a whole cleaning range and it IS actually low-tox, good for humans and the environment and instead of harmful ingredients and potential side effects - there are only side benefits.⁠

Want to start taking advantage of the same? Start your oily journey here!


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