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Living in Wild Presence

Are you only ever focused on the future? So much so that you don’t allow yourself to dance in the present?

I’ve had a few conversations with clients recently about this.

You write out the next however many months meticulously and map out each day leading up to a big day, a big launch or the next big uplevel. You give yourself no wiggle room and no allowance for the feminine flow and for being playful, unexpected and random. You tell yourself that unless you follow THE PLAN perfectly and exactly and precisely that all the dominos are going to topple and the house of cards will fall and THE MOMENT however many months or years from now - will never come to pass.

You restrict, strangle and stifle yourself in the present because you feel like that is the only way things will go to plan for the future.

However, you’re the one that decided all of this. Down to the very last constrictive detail. You’re the one orchestrating all of your difficulties. You’re the one in charge.


What if you instead just went off script?

What if you instead wiped the slate clean?

Would that actually mean that your future plans were destroyed?

Probably not. There are likely a million different pathways in front of you right now - all of which have the capacity to lead to the same place. You get to choose.

So if the things you have mapped out for yourself currently feel SO HARD and are making you drag your feet in the present? Ask yourself today -

What can I change RIGHT NOW to bring back energy, wildness and excitement to this destiny lit road to the future?


Want to find out more about what I do as a Coach and Hormone Educator, how we can work together to remap your mindset, find your intuitive strategies and empower yourself with your cycle? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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