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Listening to God's Business Guidance

Updated: Oct 18

Listening for God’s guidance in your business strategy. How does one do this? Personally, I’m still learning. But it gets clearer and clearer the more time I spent in prayer, worship and in reading the Bible.

And of course actually actively listening, and asking (out loud or in my head) for God’s guidance, answers and prompting.

So, what to ask? Here are a few examples of what I ask God pertaining to my business/strategy -

⚡️What should I do in my business today?

⚡️Which platform do you want me to concentrate on?

⚡️Please help me in my discernment regarding who I work with.

⚡️What should I say today? Help me choose words that glorify you.

⚡️What do I need to remove, rebuke, unravel or let go of in my business invoicing business streams, concepts, strategies and projects?

⚡️Where do I need to take a leap of faith in my business?

⚡️Is what I’m doing still on your path for me?


I’ve learnt that there are no questions too small or too random and have had God guide me gently in the most seemingly trivial things.

I heard a great comment once that said God wants to hear from you a lot more than you want to hear from Him. I believe it was directed to those who are perhaps nervous about praying constantly or feel that’s too presumptuous or audacious, and don’t expect to hear from God.

The truth is, God is always speaking, we just aren’t always listening and in expectation that He wants to partner with us in every step of our businesses (as well as our lives).

God Bless,


Want to find out more about what I do as a Coach and Strategist, and how we can work together to fast forward your Kingdom Business Building and bring more joy to your life? Read more here or message me to drop into conversation or a 1:1 coaching call. x

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