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Leaning into Resistance

Sometimes you need to lean into resistance and sometimes you just need to surrender and walk away.⁠⠀

These last few days have been challenging. I'm in the last week of my cycle and lots of stuff hasn't been 'going my way'.⁠⠀

Last night, I set off for what should have been a smooth drive to Brisbane to catch a women's event but my husband forgot I was going and brought the car home late, there was a traffic accident and the freeway was at a standstill and my 4G dropped out during the tunnels resulting in no map updates and my driving almost to the airport in the wrong direction.⁠⠀

At one point I asked myself - should I just surrender and give up? Should I go find somewhere to have a glass of wine and just do some work/write a blog post rather than pushing on? Should I just turn around?⁠⠀

And I asked myself what my higher self needed and what was going to serve me best in the long run.⁠⠀

Then I literally journaled on it while inching along at 2km/h and here's what I remembered: It's ok and good for everything to fall apart sometimes. We can choose to allow this where a lesson must be learnt or where the outcome is still beneficial.⁠⠀

After all, how unchallenging would life be if everything always went exactly predictably perfectly without friction-ly so? The anticipating of NOT knowing if things will go your way is sometimes the best part.⁠⠀

I knew that if I'd stayed home or jumped off and chilled somewhere rather than leaning into the resistance - it would not have changed my mood. However, if I got to my destination and was able to spend time with some amazing heart centred women talking about something important (however belatedly so) - that would be deliciously elevating.⁠⠀

And thank god I opted in for that.⁠

We always know the answer if we just allow ourselves to ask.⁠


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