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Work around your kids. Work from anywhere with wifi. Work around appointments. Work in block time or sporadically. Set your own boundaries, hours, standards and more.

There really isn't a downside to working online - except for the fact that you might end up with decision fatigue around whether you work at the cool hotel down the street or at the funky cafe you love or hire a desk at a share office or set up your own home office (which if you live in AU you might then be able to use as a tax deduction).⁠

There are only a few things I miss from working at a traditional 9-5 office based place of employment:⁠

1. The people (when I did actually like them - shout out Starsh and Lauren!);⁠

2. The free perks like fruit baskets (I am a sucker for free bananas - read into that what you will);⁠

3. The community spirit when the work environment is actually healthy and,⁠

4. Being able to drop into the zone rather than knowing I could make my own adjustments and therefore having to learn to create my own zones.⁠

What I don't miss far far farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr outweighs those little points.⁠

If you're keen to start on online business, let me know. In the @jessicaxolewis space, I coach women around the world on how to create flow based businesses and lives that capitalise on the natural way in which they engage and amplify with the world - tied in with their unique passions - and/or, in the plant medicine space, I help others get started with creating their oil based online income streams here.

This life is available to you, to anyone, you just have to take the leap 🥰


Want to find out more about what I do as a Business, Life and Period Coach and, how we can work together to expand your energy, create more flow and unlock your optimal methods? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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