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Keeping Balance

Yesterday, I took the majority of the day off from being online, working, hustling - all the things.

I played with the kids in the pool.

I baked a cake 'with' the kids - which mostly involved keeping them at bay from eating it entirely before I'd put it in the oven.

I set up activities for them and talked with them throughout the day.

I watched a movie with them.

I cleaned and tidied the house.

I made dinner.

I went to bed early (for me)

And before bed, I didn't cram anything in. I lit a candle, drank some wine and just relaxed.

^^ I literally cannot remember the last time I have done most of those things.

I cannot remember the last time I have deliberately switched off and let my brain truly rest for even a short period of time (aside from when I've crashed or been sick!). It did wonders.

It also made me pine for when I was a stay at home mum and life was simpler and I invested all my time and energy into my beautiful human creations and into keeping our household running like clockwork. I lost my sense of identity doing that - giving myself entirely to that role and forgetting myself completely in the process - so I don't regret becoming a working mum and finding my passion. BUT. Being so continually present in the kids lives was and is second to none.

This month I'm being reminded about balance a LOT.

I keep seeing it pop up everywhere - whispering to me that I need to look for ways to juggle things better, expand my time and, that I don't need to be ON and hustling every minute of every day.

In fact - doing so is disadvantageous to your hustle because you're not giving yourself the space to be more creative, to have fun with it ... let alone having time to invest in the people in your life that are so very important.

So. Here's to giving yourself space to let all the areas of your life grow and flourish and, to trying to find balance.


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