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It's OK to Contradict Yourself

Mantra for today: I get to be a contradiction and I never need follow through.⁠

Sometimes we make proclamations from ego. Sometimes our promises don't consider our future selves and what their needs are. Sometimes our plans aren't actually serving.⁠

It felt like such a challenge to my inner good girl to start having boundaries around my own energy and how that changed or around my alignment above all else and to start saying no or cancelling things or just doing an about turn all of a sudden.⁠

It felt out of integrity to pivot. It felt rude or frivolous (something I was always trying not to be because I felt others identified me as the silly little child).⁠

And then guess what? Every time I bent over backwards to do something that I had said yes to that no longer felt right - it always came back to bite me.⁠

I would re-arrange the universe, spend my last dollars, travel 2 hours and the person I was meant to be meeting - would cancel. I would go to the thing and end up having an awful time. I would get no inner fulfilment from following through on whatever else I had lined up for myself that wasn't meant to be.⁠

It would just be a hollow tick in the box on a checklist.⁠

It would be a little flag of completion that I could hold in front my face so no-one noticed that I was actually bored, frustrated, over it, disconnected and feeling trapped in obligation.⁠

So now - I say no. I change my mind. I adjust course. And it is always for the best.⁠

You can claim this for yourself too.⁠


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