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Is it God or the Enemy?

Updated: Oct 20

Sometimes it’s not always clear whether God is giving you the green light/direction or whether it’s just your own mind … or the enemy. Especially when you’re new at having a dialogue with the Lord.

These are a few different checkins for when you’re needing some type of confirmation:

⚡️If it follows scripture and/or doesn’t contradict the Bible;

⚡️If when you ask for confirmation from scripture or elsewhere, or additional words from God, you get it;

⚡️If it matches the fruit of the spirit and God’s personality. God’s voice does not stir up destruction in his children;

⚡️If it adds up to a tee and makes a logical argument and becomes a justification. For me this is usually just my mind (or sometimes the enemy trying to distract me from sitting in obedience or taking a non logical leap of faith with what God wants), and

⚡️If you actually get God’s peace around what you’re being directed in. Noting that this is different from human comfort around something that is easy and that makes sense.

It’s a process and a learning and that’s ok. But you should keep checking in to ensure you stay on path because it can be easy to get deviated.

From a business perspective that can end up playing out with having whole income streams, client groups and mentorship that’s take you away from God’s plan for you in what you do. Then you gotta undo it all on the other side which is so much more painful than just keeping things on point the whole time.

As a bonus, there is also a whole lot more peace in being an entrepreneur or having an online business when you’re just leaning into God’s guidance and strength and not your own 👍🏻

God Bless,


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