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Increasing Online Business Presence

This month, in my VIP Club, the trainings are focused on increasing business presence with Media/PR and Press. Such a good topic 😍⠀ In today's training, we were talking about how to call in interviews/features etc. An important note on that was that when people reach out to you vs the other way around, they will often check out your bio and links first. So, what do you think happens when you don't have those filled out and when you're making their job harder than it needs to?⠀ This (below) popped up in my memories today and it's just as applicable as it was when I first wrote it exactly 1 year ago today. This was the post that started my personal blog which turned side hustle then full time hustle and here we are today ...

WHY ARE YOU HIDING?!?⠀ Why are you hiding your power, hiding what you're doing, where you are expanding and who you are up levelling into?⠀ Why are you making it SO HARD for someone to find out what your business is all about, what your social media handles are and what your purpose and message is?⠀ Take a look at your Personal FB profile as well as your FB biz page right now.⠀ Do you have your Insta handle listed? ⠀ Do you have your website there? ⠀ Do you have your FB page noted? ⠀ Do you have your YouTube/Pinterest/other?⠀ And, if you do - is it even the current/updated one?

Is the link even valid?⠀ For so many people in my online community and out of it, it feels like they're purposely hiding their magnificence.⠀ Sometimes I have to search for a ridiculous amount of time and go all the way down a rabbit hole to actually track down a website and insta handle. A normal person would not do that. They will just give up when your about section/bio says you only have a website and nothing else or says you don't do anything (even when we 'know' you do because you whispered it once quietly, out the side of your mouth, and then got all self depreciating).⠀ Personally I'll still seek out all your handles. I just love a challenge and I love the hunt.⠀ Want to go off the grid? Well guess what? I am Liam Neeson and I WILL FIND YOU. AND I WILL K ... kindly tell you off for hiding yourself.⠀ It's crazy. It's ridiculous. And it's time to get your act together and stop shielding yourself from your success and from your future audience. Go to your FB profile, page, insta, website and update them all right now (or get your VA to) so that they actually list each other completely and correctly. Add a pop up on your website so it encourages people to go and like your Facebook. If you don't have a website - start one now (Wix or Wordpress websites are SUPER easy to create - a one page templated one could take you 10 minutes to do). Add an Insta tab on your Facebook page so people can see your grid there and like you. Add a link on your Insta bio - anything PLEASE. List your business on Google. Extending your reach, making yourself known and ensuring people find you is a choice.


Want to find out more about what I do as a Business, Life and Period Coach and, how we can work together to expand your energy, create more flow and unlock your optimal methods? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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