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How to Participate IN Time

I read a cool word today - Kairos - it’s ancient Greek word and refers to when time is based on moments not seconds, where it is measured not for it’s length but it’s quality and whether or not one participates in time vs being led by sequential timing.⁠

The Greek goddess Hestia archetype is said to be one that participates in time when she enjoyed the meditative nature of housework or spiritual work. Not rushing to get things done for completion or accomplishment or in an effort to move on, instead being in complete immersion with what she does. In this state chronos/kronos classical time begins to lose meaning.⁠

Isn’t that such a lovely concept? And how might we cultivate more of Kairos time in our lives?⁠


Intentionally call in stillness and reflection and, retreat within when you complete day to day tasks that you DON’T like to do. This might be your 9-5, it might be the gardening or housework or filler work on the side.⁠


Consider what you already lose yourself in and create more of this in your life. Do you enter new portals when you paint, when you fix cars, when you walk your dog, when you write poetry or otherwise?⁠

If your answer to this is: ‘But I don’t lose myself in anything …’ then this is your opportunity to start a wild adventure of seeking what it is that does do it for you. Every day, every week make it your mission to try to find kairos in something new, random or rediscovered.⁠

You can choose to live sequentially, counting down the minutes of each day and the days left to live or you can step out of this and live based on experience that transcends and expands beyond what is linear and entirely one dimensional.⁠

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