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Honouring Your Boundaries

Being grounded can not be mutually exclusive from being firm with your boundaries.⁠

Want time to yourself, space to create, the immersion of learning and growing which in turn centres yourself? You’ve got to be firm with your boundaries around those that would drawn down on your energy or try to unify their identity with yours.⁠

Want to make a difference, take a stand, make waves and be a recognisable figure in your purpose work? You’ve got to be firm with your boundaries around those that are then triggered by your power and seek to pull you back. And, be firm in your boundaries to support you in taking the action to get from A to B.⁠

And the examples go on.⁠

The thing is though, being firm with your boundaries equally comes from a place of being grounded in who you are and what you want. And what you will no longer stand for.⁠

If you aren’t willing to draw the line and back yourself and stand with strength of conviction, you will as your own gatekeeper shift your boundaries again and again.⁠

And thus begins the vicious circle of not maintaining boundaries therefore feeling more ungrounded therefore not maintaining boundaries therefore feeling becoming more ungrounded.⁠

You’ll be the bouncer who gets swayed by a story or pretty face and says, ok just this once and raises the rope of admission 1000 times.⁠

People can always push, push, push against your boundaries but the only one that can actually choose to push them ASIDE is you.⁠

What's something you can do today to both centre yourself and reestablish what you'll allow?⁠

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