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Have You Planted Your Seed

A man stood in front of a patch of ground and decided he was going to plant a tree.

He told everyone how majestic and amazing this tree was going to be. How it’s branches would reach to the heavens, hows it’s leaves would be lush and it’s trunk sturdy. How it was going to grow beyond what anyone could even imagine.

He explained how he was the ideal person to plant this tree. How he had read and continued to read all the books, lectures and papers on this particular tree and on the best way to nurture it’s growth.

He talked about it each day and would measure out the plot and take notes on the position of the sun and investigate all the critters and other elements in the near vicinity that might come into play and affect things, once growth was underway.

He took out a membership in the conservation society to ensure he would be able to protect his tree. He become a member of the local night watch to ensure that he could observe the plot at all hours. He built a water tank to stock up on surplus in the event that his tree, once planted, would need additional nourishment aside from the rain.

And everyone agreed that he would grow a fine tree. He was the best one for the job. It was just a matter of time before he actually planted the seed ...

Days turned into years and the man still spoke of what could be, what would be and what was going to happen - one day. Not today tho.

And in the end, they told this story (about how much he had loved the idea of his tree) at the man’s funeral.

He was buried in his best suit, in a simple box, in the plot of land that he had purchased for his tree.

And in his jacket pocket was the seed - withered and dead, just as he and his dreams were too.


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