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Hardship is Essential

If your life was completely easy, you would never have the polarity to soar.⁠ This is a conversation I often have with other mums when the discussion turns to trying to avoid even the perception of trauma in their children’s lives.⁠

It’s not actually possible and even it were? It wouldn’t be great.⁠

If someone is raised in a Stepford scenario, with any and all shadow being shunned, that can become an issue in and of itself in the form of them thinking that they need to be completely perfect and that they don’t measure up - because they ARE human and therefore imperfect.⁠

Plus if you don’t witness those around you falling short and demonstrating how they deal with that appropriately, you won’t necessarily be equipped to do so yourself when you invariably fail.⁠

It’s important to remember that healed trauma creates growth and, people are programmed to a certain extent to seek hardship in what they experience as they shift through phases while growing up.⁠

Even if the main or NPC characters in your life do no great wrong, you will still create core trauma memories based on your unique perspective of ambiguous moments as well holding any past life or ancestral trauma. This, along any subsequent healing, is important in learning how to overcome, endure and face struggle.⁠

And without this critical understanding, you may freeze at the idea of exposing yourself to anything difficult on your way to achieving greatness.⁠

Because that is the polarity of soaring. You can't learn parkour without falling. You can't create your own business without doing a million things wrong. You can't become an artist without critique. You can't learn to fly a plane without facing the idea of crashing and burning.⁠

To reach your potential beyond what you KNOW you can do and have already done, you have to step onto a path that's unknown and not without pitfalls - healed trauma provides the experience for navigating that 😉⁠


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